What’s the best location for your new outlet? What are the optimal opening hours for your store?

Using DataSpark GeoAnalytics, you can arrive at these business decisions faster. Firstly, shortlist locations by density of potential customers, then you can identify your specific target audience and sort and rank locations based your selected target audience. Finally you can interpret footfall data by the selected location, in terms of the total footfall volume, customer traffic throughout the week as well as peak time periods through the day.

Optimise outlet locations and opening times


As a marketer, when it comes to placing an outdoor ad, you’ve relied on historical statistics provided by your media agency and made a best guess at where your target audience will be.

Now with DataSpark GeoAnalytics you can be precise and scientific in your OOH ad placements and zoom in on the hot spots of your target segment. You can evaluate the exposure of your current OOH ad placements and minimise the cost of your OOH campaign while maintaining ad reach. You can also maximise the reach of your OOH ad placement without having to increase your budget.

Make smarter decisions about your OOH Advertising


Did you know that approximately 650,000 foreign visitors roam on the SingTel network every week? We can help you to size up to the opportunity these visitors bring.

DataSpark GeoAnalytics gives you access to key location and segment insights. With this tool, you can now get in-depth profiles of visitors – their top destinations, preferred hotels, duration of stay and favourite activities. Whether you are in the hotel, entertainment or F&B business, you can now be preemptive and proactive in your marketing campaigns and offers to these visitors.

Unlock revenue opportunities from foreign visitors

Competitive Intelligence

To take your business to the next level you need a competitive edge. Through key location and segment insights, DataSpark GeoAnalytics can help improve your understanding of your competitors.

Identify your strongest catchment areas, while also comparing the demographic profiles of your catchment versus that of your competitors. Get an overview of the overlapping catchment areas and mark out your battlegrounds. Win over brand switchers by targeting them with customised and precise marketing tactics. With DataSpark GeoAnalytics, you can outsmart and not outspend the competition.

Stay Ahead of the competition