Regular reports providing valuable insights for retailers

DataSpark’s Shopalytics reports provide monthly and quarterly insights into the movements and behaviour of Singapore’s shoppers in an easy to use visual format.

They leverage the unrivalled richness and continuity of DataSpark’s real-time consumer information gathered from SingTel’s mobile phone network and mio TV.

A unique value proposition for the retail sector

DataSpark uses its unique access to location data to quantify the number and type of consumers at more than 50 of Singapore’s malls. Its Shopalytics reports provide unique, cost effective insights that enable retailers, advertisers, restaurateurs and other business owners to make smarter decisions.

This means knowing better how to optimise staffing levels, opening hours, inventory and promotions based on recent highly detailed analysis of mall visitors: by numbers, age, ethnicity, interests, lifestyle, country of residence and much more.

Enhanced with direct consumer input

The value of each report is enhanced with data gathered direct from mall visitors using traditional market research techniques. Clients can request reports on specific malls or with specific analysis and these reports are then made available to all customers. Syndication combines customer requests with economies of scale to deliver requests for specific research in a highly cost effective and timely manner.

Individual privacy protected

All personal data used in DataSpark reports is encrypted, anonymised and aggregated to ensure compliance with SingTel’s data governance framework and with Singapore’s Personal Data Privacy Act.

See how different malls are performing

Shopping malls can be ranked according to a number of different parameters, including:

  • which are most popular during the week
  • which are most popular at the weekend
  • which are most popular with specific age groups
  • which are the most popular at lunch times
  • which are most popular with tourists

Profile shoppers at each mall

Information showing visitor numbers and locations is greatly enhanced with knowledge gained by additional analysis of their movements and phone usage patterns. DataSpark reports can show:

  • how many are repeat visitors
  • what type of phone they use
  • how long visitors stay at each mall
  • a breakdown of mall visitors by employment type
  • a breakdown of mall visitors by commuting patterns

Target overseas visitors

Companies targeting visitors to Singapore can discover distinct differences in behaviour between visitors from different countries. For example:

  • Indonesian shoppers spend, on average, one to two days more in Singapore than their Malaysian counterparts
  • 24 percent of business visitors from China spend most of their time in Tanjong Pagar and Changi
  • Australian sightseers’ favourite place to stay is Sentosa Island

Thanks to DataSpark Shopalytics reports, businesses now have the opportunity to gain an unparalleled understanding of shopping behaviour in Singapore.