Bespoke analysis of demographic data

At the centre of DataSpark’s business is a team of highly skilled data scientists with a broad range of specialties. These experts are available to produce in-depth and highly specific analysis, leveraging the unrivalled richness and continuity of DataSpark’s real-time consumer dataset.

Individual privacy protected

This valuable data is gathered from the mobile phones of 5.5 million Singaporean residents and overseas visitors and from the use of the mio TV service. It is encrypted, anonymised and aggregated to ensure compliance with SingTel’s data governance framework and with Singapore’s Personal Data Privacy Act.

Comprehensive range of data science skills

DataSpark’s team of scientists can bring a comprehensive range of skills to bear to help clients extract meaningful and relevant insights from DataSpark’s rich data repository. These include:
– Structured data (SQL) analysis
– Human behaviour
– Data visualisation
– Machine learning
– Big data management (No SQL, real time & batch)

A valuable resource for multiple market segments

The insights provided through DataSpark Tailored Consulting are potentially game-changing for businesses in a wide variety of sectors. Here are a few examples:

Real estate investor

An organisation looking to invest in tourism-related real estate can obtain detailed statistics on visitor footfall at specified tourist destinations in Singapore to help support the business case for investment.

Transport agency

Transport agencies can get reliable estimates of traveller numbers passing through any nominated transport facility – mass transit station, bus terminus. They can predict congestion points and demand levels for transport services by analysing passenger volumes and routes.

Advertising agency

Advertising agencies can gain insights into the different visitor profiles of certain shopping malls in order align the content of display advertising with the target audience, and increase reach and effectiveness.

Sporting event organiser

Organisers of major sporting events can discover what type of people attend, where they travel from, what their interests are, and what digital media they use to engage in the event. This enables the development of a convincing case when seeking sponsors. It could also help to predict crowd numbers and potential bottlenecks.

A powerful and unrivalled combination of data, analytics and expertise

DataSpark’s Tailored Consulting is a unique service that enables organisations doing business or providing services in Singapore to gain deep insights into the behaviours of residents and visitors, refined and targeted by geography, age, ethnicity, purchasing preferences, leisure activities and much more.