DataSpark was created to provide businesses and government agencies with access to SingTel’s rich and unique repository of anonymised geolocation data.

DataSpark is a new company that is part of SingTel, Asia’s leading communications group. Our aim is to leverage the vast wealth of data that the SingTel group gathers as a provider of mobile telecommunications and digital TV services to millions of customers across Asia, in a manner adhering to high standards of data privacy.

At DataSpark, we apply innovative analytics tools and the services of highly skilled and specialised data scientists to provide a wide range of bespoke and off-the-shelf analyses that help businesses make better decisions. All the data we use is aggregated and anonymised to ensure the privacy of our customers.

By using location analytics, we can determine the number of people in a certain place at any time and profile them by multiple parameters: age, demographic, lifestyle and more. These powerful insights can help government agencies to plan better for transport, housing, healthcare, education and emergency services.

Our reports can tell you which are the most popular shopping malls, when people visit and how long they spend there. We know where visitors from different countries like to stay, to shop, to eat; and much more. Such insights can allow enterprises to optimise marketing campaigns and be smarter about staffing, opening hours and even where to locate their newest retail outlet.

With its unparalleled data resources and analytics expertise, DataSpark can help you take decision making to a whole new level.