Instant analysis and visualisation of demographics

DataSpark GeoAnalytics provides the ability to submit a huge range of queries to a repository of demographic data via an online portal. Results can be obtained immediately on an easy-to-read visual display. The dashboard is powered by the location data that users’ mobile phones automatically provide as they move through the SingTel network. These data is anonymised and aggregated before analysis, adhering to the highest standards of customer privacy.

The information is analysed to provide insights into users’ locations and movements and is correlated with age, gender, lifestyle, ethnicity, occupation and other parameters to enhance and enrich the analysis. This service offers valuable insights to businesses and government agencies to aid in short and long term planning and decision-making.

Major retailers

A business planning a new retail outlet can generate a short list of possible locations and then use DataSpark GeoAnalytics to discover how many people pass through each of those locations, at what times of day they visit and how long they stay. They can also refine the results by age, gender and lifestyle.

Tourism industry

Companies targeting visitors to Singapore can gain valuable insights into overseas visitors: where they stay, how long they stay, the tourist attractions they visit and where they eat, all broken down by country of origin.

Near-real-time information

The data repository underpinning the DataSpark GeoAnalytics dashboard is constantly updated with real-time information from SingTel’s mobile network, so the dataset is always current.

Track trends over time

DataSpark GeoAnalytics enables both long and short-term changes with time to be queried and displayed. Visitor number variations by time of day or time of year can be easily retrieved and displayed and combined with other related information.

Flexible pricing

DataSpark GeoAnalytics is offered under a flexible pricing scheme, so users pay only for the information and analysis required. Charging can be by the month and by the number of users, with the option to specify locations and datasets at the start of each month.

Individual privacy protected

All personal data used in DataSpark services is encrypted, anonymised and aggregated to ensure compliance with SingTel’s data governance framework and with Singapore’s Personal Data Privacy Act.

Delivering the big picture

DataSpark GeoAnalytics enables any organisation doing business or providing services in Singapore to accurately determine the number of people in any location at any time and to profile them by parameters like age, ethnicity and lifestyle. Changes over time can be tracked to gain insights into daily movement patterns and long-term trends.

DataSpark GeoAnalytics provides a unique, efficient, fast and highly cost-effective boost to business and service planning.