DataSpark is a new company that is part of Singtel, Asia’s leading communications group. It was created to provide businesses and government agencies with access to Singtel’s rich and unique repository of data, which is anonymised and aggregated to meet high standards of customer privacy. Data is sourced from Singtel’s mobile telecommunications network and almost half a million TV customers and is used to gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour. Information is also gathered on visitors from different countries roaming onto Singtel’s mobile network: where they like to stay, to shop, to eat, and which tourist attractions they visit.

Advanced GeoAnalytics

DataSpark uses this information to drive a range of innovative data analytics tools, reports and services to help businesses and government agencies make better decisions. For example, businesses can measure traffic volumes at major tourist destinations to inform investment decisions; transport agencies can estimate congestion levels at major train stations; retailers can optimise staffing levels by tracking visitor numbers at shopping malls.

Analysis is provided through DataSpark’s GeoAnalytics dashboard, an online tool that enables customised queries to be created and the results to be graphically displayed, through standard Syndicated Reports, and Tailored Consulting provided by DataSpark’s team of skilled data scientists.

Digital Insight Community Panels

In addition DataSpark offers consumer research services using a Digital Advisory Panel comprising several thousand tech-savvy mobile phone and Internet customers who have opted to receive and respond to online surveys, thus providing deep insights into consumer behaviour.

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